Facing Facts, or Destash 1

It’s become clear that I can’t use sock yarns anymore. My fingers simply can’t handle them. This makes me sad, and scares me a little. So for quite some time I have pretended that it isn’t true. This has resulted in my avoiding knitting. And that is not a good thing because I really like knitting. So I have decided to clear the decks for knitting with yarns I can actually handle and like by selling, giving away, or throwing away the yarns I can’t or won’t use. I just want to get them out of my sight, so they don’t make me feel badly any more.
Here are the first two lots:

blue socks

checked socks

The plain blue is from a Chilean yarn company Araucania? or some such. The checked yarns are from KnitPicks. Make me an offer. If these haven’t found a home in a week, they’ll just go in next week’s trash. There will be more as I take more pictures.

As with everything in life there is good news here along with the bad. Getting rid of yarns made by other people means that I will rely more on yarns I make myself. And self-reliance is a very good thing. So I’m focusing on that rather than on the reasons I have to let go of this stuff.

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Here It Is Again

After a long slow death by hacker, and a season of disinterest which I’ll go into in a later post, Makinknit is back, with a new burst of energy, on new servers.

I am continuing to use the Blavatar designed by my generous friend OKate, and will put the header she made back up as soon as I can figure out how to do so.

In Other News

I went to Monday Night Knitting last night and had a great time. People were very kind about my upcoming birthday, Kate gave me a card, and everyone was impressed by handspun that I have started knitting with. That group of people is very important to me.

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